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I love going to my kids with the beach. Oops. Freudian slip. But you get the jist. As any parent would know: itʼs a truly valiant task. One that requires an accurate planning capacity the likes of a Fortune-500 CEO...
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Sunbeds. Umbrellas. Inflatable ducks. Volleyballs. Surfboards. Life vests. Magazines. Towels. Sunglasses. Stop me when this starts to sound familiar. And then - only then - you get the rugrats singing along to their favorite tunes in the comfort of their child seats while you figure out where in the world will all of your essentials fit. While your rented Chevy is fit to accommodate maybe half of whatʼs implied as necessary... And just when you thought youʼd weathered the storm, youʼre faced with an even greater challenge: none of the essentials seem important. In the face of the parentsʼ greatest fear - OTHER peoplesʼ items! Seriously, who hasnʼt faced the dreaded trembling lower lip on the verge of erupting with desire for some other kidʼs inflatable duck that is EXACTLY like the one you bought yesterday, only green.... Oh God, I shouldʼve bought the green one when I had a chance - to hell with this yellow one! (This is where a facepalm emoji is real handy).

All this, while characteristically humorous, leads us to an even greater problem that we rarely think about when vacationing - environmental impact. Let me rephrase: of course we think about environmental impact - we are, after all, socially conscious creatures of the 21st century, but, but, but.... But look at all the stuff we buy over the course of a 2-week vacation! Itʼs all rubber, plastic that we in reality donʼt quite know what to do with. Itʼs quite simple: we spend 200-300-400 bucks on stuff that gets thrown away, forgotten under the hotel bed, lost on the beach or otherwise neglected. And then thereʼs the "oops, I forgot the beach volley ball in the hotel, but Iʼm too lazy to go get it so weʼll buy another one" scenario. Add up these scenarios and boom! You have a 2-week consumption and trash value of a whole year! You donʼt even need to contribute through burning rubber tyres on your backyard - the damage is already done in full.

These are all realistic scenarios that flashed before our eyes while sipping a cold beverage in 98 degree heat, relaxing on a beach in mainland Greece in the summer of 2019. 4 little rugrats scouring the beach under the burning sun in search of their next victim. And by us, we mean Sergey and Alex - the two guys who will stop at nothing to convert each and every one of you readers into true believers of the Karmitt way. Sounds catchy, right? We think so too. Karma doesnʼt have to be a b@&$tch - karmitt yourselves to a good cause and collect your points.

So, hereʼs the scoop: we think we all spend way too much on unnecessary things when vacationing with our families. And then we create a devastating impact on the environment when the things we purchase end up being thrown out. And lets be honest: carrying all that plastic and other beach items back and forth all the time is a royal pain the a$$. Wouldnʼt it be kind of cool if you could just whip out your smartphone, point out your location, tap on "Take" and "bam" - youʼve got a sunbed, inflatable flamingo, plastic bucket and rake for the little ones? Oh, and most importantly - its all free! No, seriously, no hidden agenda on our part, itʼs all free. We honestly believe that sharing is caring. Isnʼt that what the sharing economy should really be about? And then, once youʼre done sunbathing and are packing for that long trip home, wouldnʼt you prefer to do something useful with all that stuff? So you whip out your smartphone again, tap on "Give" and "bam" - youʼve just made someoneʼs day! Two Karmitts for you, kind Sir, spend them wisely! And the grand result is: you refrained from overextending your family budget, youʼve saved the environment (twice!) from being polluted, your kids are happy (sorry, canʼt speak to your significant others ))), no need to shift stuff in your suitcase or sit on it just to get it closed, and youʼve potentially lit up a smile on that little kidʼs face, who just arrived at the beach. That, our dear friends, is the Karmitt way. So, join in, Karmitt yourselves to being socially, economically and environmentally responsible. And have a great vacation!

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