Extensive downstream expertise

  • Cutting edge
    technological solutions
We are a high-tech company specializing in downstream petroleum solutions and waste processing technologies
We develop and commercialize breakthrough technologies that rival conventional solutions
We scrupulously cherry-pick the best scientific potential available today and manage the research and development process in order to roll out solutions in significant market demand

Teams matter

  • We have a team that has
    extensive experience in oil&gas technologies
  • Modified thermal-catalytic cracking
  • Heavy types of refinery residue
  • High-temperature reactor cracking
  • Hydrocarbon-consisting waste
  • Easily adaptable engineering configuration
  • Feedstock homogenization
  • Extraction of hydrocarbon consistency
PetroBright has technology investment, commercialization and engineering expertise and specializes in managing R&D initiatives to the point of industrial validation. Its current technology portfolio is aimed at complementary high efficiency solutions that are capable of creating break-through value for the downstream industry.

Dimitry Drozhzhin

Petrobright CEO